Hair dryers - the complete how-to guide

hair dryerThis page covers the correct methods to blow dry hair, all aspects of buying the right type of dryer for your type of hair, diffusers, ionic hair dryers for straight hair and curly hair. It also covers how to take care of your hair dryer, the current known risks associated with using a blow dryer and how to reduce them, what the natural alternatives are to blow drying along with a comprehensive section on using your hair dryer abroad.

Warning: There is a risk that using your hair dryer in a country with a different voltage could cause an electrical fire hazard, blowing a fuse or damage to your hair dryer. Before using your hair dryer abroad check the instructions which came with the device to ensure safe operation in that country.

Select from one of the list of locations on this page for full instructions on the most suitable power adapter and how to use your hair dryer in power outlets found in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America and North America.

Before going abroad check that your hair dryer can work in the voltage used in the destination:

  • If you already know the voltage used in the country you are visiting then check that your hair dryer can run using that voltage, or it you have a dual voltage hair dryer (how to check if you own dual voltage hair dryer). You will only need to bring the right power adapter (if the plug on your hair dryer will not fit).

If not then:

  • Purchase a dual voltage travel hair dryer [1] - you might still need an appropriate power adapter however these cheap lightweight accessories are designed specifically for the rigors of travel. There are several different types of power adapter, select your destination from the list of travel destinations below to find out exactly which power adapter you need to bring.
  • Use a power converter (or voltage transformer) - this will enable you to use your existing hair dryer and other applicances with a hair dryer, however this is considerably heavier, bulkier and more expensive than a dedicated travel hair dryer. A power converter changes the voltage but not the shape of the plug on your hair dryer to fit in the types of power outlet used in that location, so check that your voltage transformer comes with the right power adapter for that country otherwise you will still need to bring a seperate power adapter. Please be aware your existing hair dryer might not be suited for travelling and you risk potential damage in transit. [2] [AD]

How to blow dry hair

How to blow dry your hair

Paddle brush

How to blow dry your hair

  1. You will need a hairbrush, hair dryer; with at least two temperature settings including a low-temperature setting and heat protectant spray or lotion. For thicker hair, it is advised to use a paddle brush to untangle knots and be left with manageable hair. An optional item is a mirror which can be used to make the process easier.
  2. Before starting the process of drying your hair it is advised to protect your hair from heat damage by using a lotion or heat protectant spray suitable for your hair type.
  3. Untangle your hair using desired hair brush and part in the middle to create two sections to work with. If working with thicker hair part further sections to quicken the process of drying your hair and creating a smooth finish.
  4. Test the temperature of the hair dryer on the back of your hand before proceeding. To make sure it is a safe and suitable temperature. Do not hold the hair dryer too close to your scalp.
  5. Start drying each section from the root to the tip of the hair several times until dry. You can brush your hair whilst drying your hair to create a smoother and straight finish.
  6. Finish drying your hair at a low temperature to add elasticity and style hair as desired.  [3] [4] [AD]

How to make hair dry faster

To fasten the process of drying your hair it is best to soak out any water left behind to reduce the amount of time needed to dry your hair. A higher temperature setting can be used to blow dry your hair faster but it can be damaging to your hair if used for a lengthy time.

A tip that can be used is to ruffle through your hair using your fingers whilst your hair is flipped upside down however if you are a beginner it might be difficult to grasp. It is to be noted that hair can be caught in the hair dryer if not used carefully whilst hair is still flipped upside down. The aim with quickly drying your hair is to get as much air flow to the roots of your hair. A blow dry spray can also dramatically reduce blow-dry time by providing strong protection from heat. [5] [AD]

Best hair dryers

What to look for in a hair dryer

Hair dryer nozzle attachment

What to look for in a hair dryer

A good hair dryer will have different temperature settings at minimum and an optional concentrator or diffuser will allow you to style your hair in numerous styles. Several factors to look for when considering to buy a hair dryer are:

  • Suitability for your hair type - is it designed for curly, straight or dry damaged hair?
  • Price - should you buy a cheap hair dryer?
  • Material and durability - will the plastic warp with prolonged heat and will it last if I drop it?
  • The appearance and weight - is the plastic flimsy?
  • Power and heat settings - will you be able to lower the heat to prevent damage to your hair or turn up the strength to dry faster?
  • Dual voltage - will it work abroad?
  • Attachments - does it come with attachments such as a diffuser or concentrator nozzle.
Which is the smallest folding hair dryer?

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium with folding handle and concentrator

Which is the smallest folding hair dryer?

A Conair MiniPRO is the most cost effective mini ionic blow dryer available to buy, the 1200 watt ceramic dryer is suitable for quickly drying thin and fine hair on the go. For a folding hairdryer which is lightweight and small enough to transport in a purse then the 10.5 ounce BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium is recommend. With a removable filter and tourmaline outlet that can emit infrared heat for a glossy finish this dryer manages to include options typically found with bulkier blow dryers. Both of these fold conveniently making them small enough to be carried for drying on the go. They include a concentrator attachment, have 1.5 metre power cables and have a twin speed motor.  [6] [6] [7] [AD]

What is the best professional hair dryer?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

What is the best professional hair dryer?

Several brands offer professional hair dryers. A professional hair dryer incorporates different temperature settings and the ability to change the concentrator nozzle. However depending on the price range, a professional hair dryer can vary in settings, attachment and size. The main feature to look into is the temperature settings and power as it will be used more than once a day - look for products from well known brands such as GHD, Dyson or TRESeeme.

What is the best hair dryer for thick hair?

Hot Tools 1044 Ionic Travel Dryer with bundled diffuser

What is the best hair dryer for thick hair?

Thicker hair takes longer to dry and can be hard to dry without your hair turning frizzy. The best option for thicker hair is an ionic hair dryer and for curly thick hair the best option is a diffuser as both options are able to manage and dry hair smoothly according to the hair type. Thicker or curlier hair may need a blow dryer with a stronger motor. Both the X5 Superlite Ceramic Ionic or a Hot Tools 1044 Ionic Travel Dryer are suitable because they both have powerful motors, ionic outlets and bundled diffusers - avoid buying a hair dryer with a motor which is less powerful than 1600 watts as this won't be strong enough.  [8] [8] [9] [AD]

What is the best hair dryer for fine thin hair?

For thin hair it is recommended to use a low temperature and low voltage power to prevent further heat damage and for the best results. The most suitable hair dryer for thin hair would be an ionic hair dryer as it dries hair faster than generic hair dryers, reducing the time needed and the heat used on the hair.

How to buy a hair dryer

It is best to consider your hair type and what you are trying to achieve with your hair before purchasing a hair dryer. Secondly it is important to think about how much you would like to spend on a hair dryer, cheaper hair dryers often do not offer different temperature settings and are smaller in size but carry out the job of drying your hair. Check online for reviews to understand if the hair dryer will work best for you. A great way is to order reviews according to ratings and most interaction.

Where can I buy a hair dryer?

Most brands offer hair dryers in local retail stores and in high street stores. Some stores feature hair dryer brands and allow you to try them, although the store might be promoting a specific brand or product which might not necessarily be best suited for your needs. One way to avoid this bias is to buy a hair dryer online by reading online reviews from other shoppers who have tested the hair dryer with similar types of hair to your own.

If purchasing a hair dryer when travelling abroad it could be guaranteed to work in that country however might be prone to lower standards in build quality and safety. There is also a chance that it might not work when you return home, it is therefore recommended to purchase a dual voltage travel hair dryer from a retailer prior to travelling - you will have a hair dryer which works in most countries including domestically. For more information please read our section on using a hair dryer abroad.

Hair dryer comparison

Which is the best hair dryer to buy?

This compact hair dryer incorporates a folding handle, two heat settings, and two speed settings, aiming to accommodate various hair types. The long power cord and dual voltage make it convenient for travellers.
Hot Tools
Class Mini Compact Compact with diffuser
Dual voltage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Watts 1200 1000 1875 1875 1600 1875
Folds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ceramic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ionic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tourmaline Yes Yes Yes
Infrared Yes
Speed settings 2 2 2 2 2 2
Heat settings 1 1 1 2 1 1
Cool shot Yes Yes Yes
Removable filter Yes Yes
Concentrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diffuser Yes Yes
ALCI safety plug Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cord length 1.52m 1.52m 1.52m 1.8m 1.65m 1.82m
Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy

Original testing and suitability of hair dryer models was compiled 2017, subsequent updates and stock checks performed monthly - last updated September 2023. [10] [AD]

Hair dryer diffusers

What is a hair dryer diffuser?

Hair dryer diffuser

What is a hair dryer diffuser?

A hair dryer diffuser is an additional attachment typically used to reduce frizz and dry curly hair. It can vary in size and features depending on the brand. The diffuser can be purchased separately if it is not included with your chosen hair dryer. [10] [AD]

How to use a diffuser on a hair dryer

  1. Apply an enhancing curling product to wet hair to hold in the curls for longer. Conditioning shampoos and masques for curly hair can be used first to reduce frizz and add elasticity and volume to your hair.
  2. Attach your diffuser to chosen hair dryer and ensure it is fitted in properly. A diffuser can be screwed on or attached to a hair dryer depending on which brand of hair dryer you are using. It is important to make sure the diffuser is fitted in the hair dryer properly as it will reduce the chance of the diffuser falling off and hair being stuck in the vent. A universal hair dryer diffuser is available for purchase if your hair dryer manufacturer did not include a diffuser attachment.
  3. Twirl hair into desired curl shape.
  4. Start using the diffuser in an upward motion and hold for as long as required. Ensure the temperature setting is appropriate and safe.
  5. Continue on the rest of your hair using a similar technique.
  6. After you have finished drying your hair you can scrunch your curls for more definition.
  7. An optional step is to add curling mousse or hairspray for long-lasting curls.  [11] [12] [AD]

What does a hair dryer diffuser do?

A hair dryer diffuser is primarily ideal for curly hair as it dries hair and boosts natural curls.

Which is the best hair dryer with diffuser?

X5 Superlite Ceramic Ionic hair dryer with a bundled diffuser

Which is the best hair dryer with diffuser?

A X5 Superlite Ceramic Ionic is a 1600 watt travel blow dryer with a 1.65m electric power cord, it is supplied with a tourmaline diffuser but it is missing cool shot. The Hot Tools 1044 Ionic Travel Dryer includes a long 1.82 metre power cord for more flexibility when styling with an ALCI power plug and a removable filter for easy cleaning. With a strong 1875 watt motor it includes cool shot making it ideal for styling thick hair. Both ionic hair dryers include a diffuser and concentrator attachments and include powerful motors to make them the best hair dryers for thick hair.  [8] [9] [9] [AD]

Ionic hair dryers

What is an Ionic hair dryer?

An Ionic hair dryer differs from a general hair dryer because of its ability to emit negative ions allowing it to dry hair faster. [13] [AD]

How does an Ionic hair dryer work?

The ions produced in an Ionic hair dryer help break down water molecules. The millions of negative ions fasten the process of drying your hair and it helps reduces static electricity.

Does an Ionic hair dryer work?

Ions produced in an ionic hair dryer can make hair look shiny, giving the appearance of healthier hair which dries faster. However whether ionic hair dryers make a difference on your hair is dependent on your hair type, the products you use, the brand of hair dryer and the way you dry your hair. An easy and unbiased way to find out if an Ionic hair dryer will work on your hair is to search ecommerce sites for an Ionic hair dryer and filter by hair type, then read online feedback and reviews from owners with similar hair to yourself. Due to the higher costs of purchasing an Ionic hair dryer it is recommended to spend additional time researching a product before investing in one. [13] [AD]

Straight hair

How to blow dry hair straight

Straightening your hair with a hair dryer is less damaging than a flat iron and easy to learn. All that is required is a hair dryer of your choice and a paddle brush or round brush. For thicker hair it is best to use a big round brush to make sure you cover as much hair as possible. Additionally, a heat protectant spray and hairspray can be used to protect your hair from heat damage and maintain straightened hair.

  1. Untangle your hair using a paddle brush and apply the heat protectant spray.
  2. Part your hair into sections and use hair clips or hair bands to keep your hair apart.
  3. Using a round brush roll inwards and dry from the roots following the hair down to the tip using the blow dryer.
  4. Repeat process on the rest of the hair.
  5. Hairspray can be used to maintain the style and keep your hair straight for as long as possible.  [3] [4] [AD]

How to use a diffuser on straight hair

Curling straight hair can be a challenge especially if you naturally have silky and thin hair but with the right tools and hair products you can achieve voluminous and defined curls. Using a diffuser to your hair dryer will add waves and subtle curls to your hair. The type of curl will depend on your hair type and how well you hair takes to hair products.

  1. Absorb the water out of your hair using a towel.
  2. Prepare your hair with heat protection and curl enhancing products.
  3. Use diffuser in an upward motion and hold for as long as required. A universal hair dryer diffuser can be purchased separately if your current hair dryer does not include an attachment.
  4. Scrunch your hair to add more definition to your hair.
  5. Hairspray hair to keep the curls in for longer. [11] [AD]

How to blow dry African-American hair straight

African-American hair can be fragile and is prone to damage and breakage. However by using the right hair products and blow-drying hair tips and techniques you can achieve straight hair. It is advised to avoid using a hair brush when drying African-American hair as it is open to more hair damage. Blow-drying African-American it can be very drying so it is recommended to blow-dry hair no more than once or twice a week.

  1. Use a shampoo that doesn't dry out your scalp or hair.
  2. Condition your hair with a deep conditioning product.
  3. Dry your hair until it is damp.
  4. Use a lean-in conditioner through your hair and this will add additional moisture to dry strands.
  5. After letting your hair become slightly damp you can start to use a hair dryer, to maintain curls it is advised to use a hair dryer diffuser for the best results on a low or medium heat setting.
  6. Use the diffuser in an upward motion or with your hair flipped upside down to add more definition. [10] [AD]

Curly hair

What is the best hair dryer for curly hair?

Hair dryer with diffuser

What is the best hair dryer for curly hair?

Curly hair can be frizzier than straight hair therefore the texture of curly hair needs to be refined to achieve silky straight hair. The most appropriate hair dryer for curly hair, to achieve straight hair, is an Ionic blow dryer. An Ionic blow dryer will help refine the texture of your hair and prepare it effectively. Additionally it will add shine and make your hair feel silky.

To achieve defined curls it is best to use a hair dryer diffuser as it will enhance your natural curls and is less damaging than a generic hair dryer. Diffusers are available and range from a cheap Hot Sock Diffuser attachment up to being included with more expensive hair dryers.  [10] [14] [AD]

How to curl your hair with a blow dryer

To dry curly hair in preparation for styling a hair dryer diffuser can be used - this method is simple and easy. To maintain your natural curls it is best not to brush out your hair without product as it can get even frizzier.

  1. Apply heat protectant and curling enhancement product.
  2. Scrunch hair before blow drying your hair.
  3. Repeatedly dry hair from the roots to the tip.
  4. Again, scrunch your hair.
  5. Style as desired, use a curling mousse to enhance curls. [10] [AD]

Looking after your hair dryer

How to clean a hair dryer

A hair dryer needs to be maintained for the motor to have proper ventilation which can extend the lifespan of your investment. Vents can accumulate dust, therefore for the vent to work efficiently it needs to be cleaned. Try to at least clean your hair dryer once a month.

  1. Unplug the hair dryer from the power outlet.
  2. Use a hand sanitizing antiseptic wipe or similar cloth to clean the concentrator, body and handle on the external casing of the blow dryer only. Avoid getting any moisture or cleaning fluid inside the vent area as electricity and liquids don't mix. Dry immediately with a paper towel.
  3. If your hair dryer has a filter then clean the vents using a hair dryer sweep brush. This is a professional product designed specifically for cleaning the hair dryer vent, although a toothbrush might serve as an alternative.
  4. Before using the hair dryer again please ensure that the unit is free from any moisture by drying thoroughly.
  5. Store hair dryer in a safe and clean location to prevent dust collection.  [15] [16] [AD]

How to store a hair dryer

There are many solutions available for storage including hair dryer storage.

  • For easy access and convenience a great solution is a hair dryer styling stand holder. It is an affordable solution and can be placed anywhere as it is a small in size, and perfect for frequent use such as a salon.
  • To store more than one tool a metal wall mounted organizer caddy can be used. It has three spacious slots that can fit a curler, hair dryer, flat iron and or brush.
  • For smaller spaces an over cabinet hair care tools holder is an excellent choice as it stores three tools, doesn't take up additional space and is hidden out of sight.
  • To manage clutter and prevent tools from getting tangled a hair appliance organizer is suitable. It is a good way to store hair tools out of sight but still have easy access to them.

Hair damage from hair dryers

Does a hair dryer damage hair?

As a hair dryer produces heat and at different temperatures it can be damaging to your hair but it is dependent on several factors. It is important to consider the type of hair you have. With thin hair it is best to use a low temperature to prevent unnecessary heat damage as suggested by the Web MD article on how to avoid wrecking your hair.

If you notice your hair become increasingly brittle and more split ends are appearing than usual this could be a sign of hair damage. Another sign is if you're losing more addition hair than you do typically. Look for a damage control hair dryer which is designed to reduce hair damage, while hair damage hair oils can be used to give your hair the needed nutrition and moisturizer to prevent further damage.  [17] [18] [AD]

What makes your hair dry and brittle?

The constant use of heat tools and lack of haircut can delay the growth of your hair and cause split ends. Furthermore, it can make your hair feel and appear brittle therefore use herbal oils and deep conditioning products to prepare your hair for heat and styling. You can treat dry hair using herbal oil and other dry hair treatments such as using deep hair masks.

Bringing your hair dryer abroad

Will my hair dryer work in another country?

That depends on if your hair dryer can operate using the same voltage as the one used in power outlets in the country you are visiting. If you're using either a dual voltage hair dryer or your hair dryer is designed to operate using the same voltage as the country you are visiting and you have the appropriate plug adapter then you'll be able to use your hair dryer in that country. If not then then you will need to consider bringing either a dual voltage travel hair dryer [1] or a heavier and more expensive power converter.  [2] [AD]

How can I tell if I have a dual voltage hair dryer?

Dual voltage switch on travel hair dryer

How can I tell if I have a dual voltage hair dryer?

An easy way how to tell if your hair dryer supports dual voltage is to check for either a sticker or numbers printed on the plug, handle or base of your hair dryer. The location might vary depending on the make and model of your hair dryer and should also state on the box or in the instruction manual.

  • Single voltage could say a specific number - such as 110V.
  • Single voltage might also have a small voltage range with a dash to accomodate small voltage fluctuations - such as 100-120V.
  • Dual voltage will typically say a large range separated with a slash or dash - such as 100/240V.

How can I change the voltage on a dual voltage travel hair dryer?

  1. Most brands of dual voltage hair dryers have a dial which selects between two sets of voltages however some models can automatically detect the voltage.
  2. This switch or dial will normally require a screwdriver or coin to toggle the dryer to the correct voltage between the 110v-120v range or 220v-240v range.
  3. It is worth making a note of the two switch positions as the painted numbers can sometimes rub off on some models.

Is it safe to bring my domestic hair dryer abroad?

Bringing a dual voltage travel hair dryer abroad is preferable to packing your existing hair dryer (if your hair dryer is marked with 'For domestic use only') as it is designed to work with different voltages. Travel hair dryers are designed for travel, feature a folding handle and are lighter - this will help reduce the size and weight in luggage compared to packing a domestic blow dryer. If you are bringing an expensive domestic blow dryer in checked in luggage then there is always a risk of luggage going missing or potential damage in transit by an airport baggage handler. Purchasing a dual voltage travel hair dryer [1] with a suitable travel hair dryer case is likely to cheaper and more convenient than repairing or replacing a specialised domestic hair dryer abroad.  [19] [AD]

How to choose the best travel hair dryer

Multiple speed options on a travel hair dryer

How to choose the best travel hair dryer

Try to buy a lightweight travel hair dryer which is durable enough to survive being transported in baggage, note that a dryer with a folding handle mean more room in luggage for other items. Safe travel hair dryers include ALCI safety plugs which will minimise the risk of the motor overloading and starting fires - models are identified with the two test and reset switches on the plug.

Look for bundled attachments such as a concentrator and optional diffuser for drying thick hair. Thicker or curlier hair may need a travel blow dryer with a more powerful motor - a high wattage ceramic model which includes a diffuser will dry hair much faster, thereby avoiding damage. Rather than looking for more expensive 3rd party attachments it could be cheaper and more convenient buying a new dryer that is supplied with both a diffuser and a concentrator.

Buying the cheapest travel hair dryer on the market is risky, as well as issues with safety there is a greater chance that the dryer could fail during your trip abroad due to cheaper parts. The best hair dryers for styling allow you to control both speed and temperature settings with low and high options, a lower temperature with a slower speed will reduce damage to your hair whilst a hotter faster speed can quickly dry thicker wet hair.

A modern travel dryer should include a 'cool shot' button for rapidly cooling hair down after drying to hold a style but this feature could be missing in cheaper models. Your travel hair dryer will need to be dual voltage to function in different countries throughout the world.

Depending on the accommodation you might find they have a mirror installed some distance away from a convenient outlet which makes it hard to dry hair, therefore search for a model with the lengthiest power cord possible.

Which is the best dual voltage travel hair dryer?

Berta Folding Hair Dryer with bundled concentrator

Which is the best dual voltage travel hair dryer?

With a strong two speed 1875 watt motor and removable filter the Conair Compact Styler includes a cool shot button that can will rapidly cool hair down to give a long lasting hold. The Berta Folding Hair Dryer also has a cool shot button, uses a ceramic tourmaline air outlet resulting in safer and quicker styling, two heat options, a longer 1.8m power cord and includes a concentrator. Both models fold, have an ALCI plug to prevent overloading and support dual voltage making them perfect for travelling abroad.  [20] [20] [21] [AD]

Using your hair dryer abroad

Choose from this list of countries to read instructions on how you can use your hair dryer in that country:
Using the hair dryer abroad

Using a hair dryer in Africa

Using a hair dryer in Asia

Using a hair dryer in Europe

Using a hair dryer in North America

Using a hair dryer in Oceania

Using a hair dryer in South America

Alternatives to blow dryers

How to dry hair without a hair dryer

Drying your hair naturally is better for your hair long term and modern hair products can be used to define curls without any heat. There are products such as anti-frizz styling foams available to prevent frizz and create or boost enhancing waves.

  1. For frizzy hair use natural hair oil before washing your hair.
  2. Deep condition your hair to make your hair feel lighter and feel smoother.
  3. For both straight and curly absorb any water left in your hair using a smooth towel, but gently pat and do not rub the towel on your hair as this will cause more frizz. [22] [AD]


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