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WikiConnections has compiled information on plug sockets used in over 230 different countries. The following articles contain details of which power outlets to expect, practical advice on the best travel adapters to buy and how to recharge popular cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices when travelling to specific countries.

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How many different types of power outlets are there?

Lack of global standardisation means there are now 14 different shapes and sizes of plug sockets from Type A to Type N with power supplies ranging between 100 to 240 volts. With 80% of countries adopting more than one type of plug socket this can make preparing for a holiday or business trip much harder. Various regions have attempted to standardise power outlets across multiple countries. For example, Type C is used widely across Europe, however, due to historical reasons each country has its own unique set of power outlets which all use different types of plug sockets, frequencies and voltages.  [1] [2]

How many different types of power outlets are there?

What is the best USB world travel adapter to buy?

Due to fourteen different types of power outlets being used around the world means there is no single travel adapter suitable for every single country. However, a multiple USB port charger such as a 4 port USB travel charger is versatile enough to cover a large number of the world's most popular travel destinations. These chargers are supplied with interchangeable heads which handle 100 volts to 240 volts which give you the freedom to travel to multiple countries and recharge your devices simply by swapping the heads over.

Having 4 USB ports will allow you to recharge multiple devices at the same time without needing to pack 4 individual power adapters. An added benefit of only packing a single lightweight travel charger frees up space, making it ideal to store in hand luggage and available at the airport. If your device can support Fast Charge (not all USB devices do) then you'll benefit from much quicker recharging times and will also support more power hungry devices.

Due to their flexibility these types of power chargers can also be used back at home so when you are not on vacation they can be used for charging multiple smartphones and tablets overnight whilst using only a single power outlet.

If you travel frequently we suggest searching for a multipurpose power charger like this online, the travel charger illustrated below is the 4 Port USB Wall Charger which has been tested successfully with multiple USB devices in numerous foreign countries with good reliably. [2]

What is the best USB world travel adapter to buy?




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For more comprehensive technical details visit the Wikipedia page on AC power plugs and sockets[3]

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