Which power adapter do I need for using a clothes iron in Togo?

Confused by travel adaptors? A straightforward guide for those travelling to Togo and bringing their clothes iron.

Togolese power outlet


Check your clothes iron can work in Togo:

  • If your clothes iron can run on 220 volts or can support dual voltage (how to tell) then you will only need to use the correct power adapter listed below if the plug on your clothes iron won't fit.

If not then:

  • Use a dual voltage travel iron [2] - you might still need to use an appropriate power adapter for Togo but these cheap lightweight accessories are designed specifically for the rigors of travel.
  • Use a power converter [5] (or voltage transformer) - this enables you to use your existing clothes iron and other applicances with a 220 volt Togolese power outlet, however this is significantly heavier and more expensive than a dedicated travel clothes iron. A power converter will change the voltage but not the actual physical shape of the plug on your clothes iron to fit in the types of wall outlet used in Togo, so please check that your power converter [5] comes with an appropriate power adapter for Togo otherwise you will still need to purchase another power adapter. Note - your personal clothes iron might not be suited for travel and you risk damage in your luggage.

Warning: If your clothes iron won't handle 220 volts you run a risk of blowing a fuse, damage to your clothes iron or even an electrical fire hazard. Prior to using your clothes iron in Togo please check the instruction manual first to ensure safe operation.

Using a clothes iron in Togo

Will my clothes iron work in Togo?

That depends on if your clothes iron is designed to handle the 220 volts as used in Togo. If you're using either a dual voltage clothes iron or your clothes iron is designed to handle 220 volts and you have the appropriate power adapter then you'll be able to use it in Togo. If not then then you will need to consider bringing either a dual voltage travel iron [2] or a heavier and more expensive power converter [5]. Read our section on can you use a voltage converter with a clothes iron in Togo for help deciding which solution is more suitable.

How can I use my American clothes iron in Togo?

The instructions on this page assume that you're an America reader travelling to Togo and provide advice on using your American clothes iron with a Togolese power outlet.

Togo power outlets and plug sockets

What electrical frequency is used with a Togolese power outlet?

The frequency from a Togolese power outlet is 50 Hz.

What voltage is used in Togo?

Power outlets in Togo are 220 volts.

Which power adapter will you need to bring for using a clothes iron in Togo?

Type C power outlets are used in Togo. You can identify this power outlet by two round holes adjacent to each other for live and neutral pins. A Type C plug adapter [4] allows you to use a 220 volt clothes iron in Togo; read the simple guide below for full details of how to use a plug adapter for Togo. Note that unless you that have a dual voltage clothes iron you will need to confirm if you need to bring a voltage converter.

Which power adapter will you need to bring for using a clothes iron in Togo?

Dual voltage travel irons

Is my clothes iron dual voltage?

The way to tell if your clothes iron supports dual voltage is to check for either a sticker or numbers printed on the base, handle or the plug. The location will vary depending on the make or model of your clothes iron and could also state in the instruction manual. Some dual voltage models might change automatically, however other models will have a switch which allows you to toggle between different regions depending on which country you are in.

  • Single voltage might say a specific number - such as 110V. If this number matches the 220 volts used in Togo then you should be able to use your clothes iron with a Togolese power outlet.
  • Single voltage might also have a small voltage range with a dash to accomodate small voltage fluctuations - such as 100-120V. If the 220 volts used in a Togolese power outlet falls within the range shown on your clothes iron then you can use it in Togo.
  • Dual voltage will say a large voltage range separated with a slash - such as 100/240V. Your clothes iron will be capable of being used in Togo or any other country if these numbers are shown.

Travelling to Togo with a clothes iron

Can you bring a clothes iron in your carry on hand luggage?

According to the TSA guidelines for clothes irons [8] there is no restriction on bringing a mains powered clothes iron in your hand luggage through airport security in the US. The TSA suggests that you should check that your airline which is taking you to Togo will allow clothes irons onboard and that it will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat of the airplane. The TSA also advices wrapping cords tightly around electric items such as clothes irons. If you intend to pack a fragile or expensive clothes iron in your hand held luggage then it is recommended to bring hard carry on luggage as this provides the greatest protection against knocks and drops during transit.

Power converters for Togo

What is the difference between a power adapter and a power converter?

Voltage converter

What is the difference between a power adapter and a power converter?

A heavy and bulky power converter [5] transforms a 220 volt Togolese power outlet to work with a non-220 volt clothes iron, whereas a more lightweight and cheaper power adapter [9] (or plug adapter) changes the shape of the plug on your clothes iron to slot into a power outlet in Togo.

Do I need a voltage converter to use a clothes iron in Togo?

A power converter [5] (or voltage transformer) allows your clothes iron using a different voltage to operate with the 220 volt power outlet used in Togo. Travellers wishing to use their own domestic clothes iron can use a power converter, however it could be less expensive to buy a dedicated dual voltage travel iron [2] than it is to buy a power converter. A power converter is noticeably heavier and bulkier than a travel clothes iron making a power converter less suited for packing.

How to use a clothes iron in Togo using a type C power adapter

How to use your clothes iron in Togo with a two pin Type C travel adapter.

  1. Check that your iron is either a dual voltage travel iron [2] or can work with a 220 volt power outlet but if not then don't attempt these instructions as you might create an electrical fire hazard, blow a fuse or damage your iron. Before using a travel iron which can toggle between different voltages ensure the switch is set to the 220 volt setting for use in Togo, refer to the user guide to find out how to do this.
  2. You will need to bring a Type C plug adapter [4] if the type of plug on your clothes iron isn't the same shape as the plug outlet used in Togo. This power adapter helps fit different plugs from other countries into a power outlet used in Togo simply by changing the shape of the plug, however the adapter doesn't change the voltage of your clothes iron to work with a 220 volt outlet.
  3. Begin by inserting the Type C plug adapter in the wall outlet. This wall supply (called a Europlug or Type C power outlet [3]) is recognised by the two circular adjacent holes next to each other where the twin plug outlet pins slide into.
  4. Plug in your clothes iron into the Type C plug adapter.
  5. Switch on the Togolese power outlet. The iron can now be used in Togo.
How to use a clothes iron in Togo using a type C power adapter

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