How to charge the iPad Mini when planning a trip to Denmark

How to connect a Danish power outlet to the iPad Mini

Danish power outlet

Various voltages and plugs can often be daunting when planning on staying in a new country for the first time traveller. This isn't as complex as it first appears, with only a handful of different types of standards used in the world this article tells you exactly what to pick up in advance to charge the iPad Mini . This page was specifically written to stop people having to worry if they'll be able to power the iPad Mini when they are travelling abroad.This page is a simple guide demonstrating exactly how to supply power to your iPad Mini when going to Denmark by using their type K Danish 230 volt 50Hz plug outlets, you will find most Danes use the Type K power outlets. Power sources will vary from country to country therefore please read our Wiki Connections global power sockets list for a complete list of countries. When you are visiting Denmark from another region please make sure your iPad Mini can be used with a 240 volt supply. If it was purchased in a country which uses a lower voltage such as 110v ensure that the device is dual-voltage (marked with 100-240 volts) otherwise you may need to use an additional voltage converter to stop the device from overheating whilst powering it. These instructions assume that you are running Apple iOS 7 or greater on the iPad Mini.

Charging the iPad Mini in Denmark

Can the iPad Mini be used in Denmark?

You can use the iPad Mini in Denmark by using the correct power convertor.

What is the best power adapter for recharging the iPad Mini in Denmark?

The best power adapter for Denmark will be a Type K USB charger which will allow you to use your iPad Mini. [4] [AD]

What is the best power adapter for recharging the iPad Mini in Denmark?

Powering the iPad Mini with a Danish power outlet by using a 2 pinned Type K USB adapter

Using the Apple Lightning connector and a two pinned Type K power charger to recharge the iPad Mini from a Danish power outlet.

  1. In order to power the iPad Mini using the Danish power outlet you'll need a Type K USB power adapter [4] and a USB to Apple Lightning cable [5] (Apple typically supply this USB cable when you purchase the iPad Mini).
  2. Start by taking the Type K USB power adapter and inserting it into the power outlet. You can identify the plug outlet by three large holes in an inverted triangle pattern with the bottom hole appearing semicircular in shape.
  3. Then connect the USB end of the Apple Lightning power cord into the bottom of the mains power charger and the other end into the Lightning connector on the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini lightning connector can be found at the base of the iPad Mini.
  4. Turn on the Danish power outlet.
  5. The battery icon which you'll find in the top right hand corner of the tablet screen will display a charging icon to indicate that the iPad Mini is charging, typically taking around 1-4 hours to completely recharge.
Powering the iPad Mini with a Danish power outlet by using a 2 pinned Type K USB adapter

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