How to use your curling iron abroad

curling ironWarning: Using your curling iron in a country with a different voltage runs the risk of an electrical fire hazard, blowing a fuse or damage to your curling iron. Prior to using your curling iron abroad read the instructions which came with the device to ensure safe operation in that location.

Select from one of the list of locations on this page for full instructions on the most suitable power adapter and how to use your curling iron in power outlets found in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America and North America.

Before going abroad check your curling iron can work in the voltage used in the destination:

  • If you already know the voltage used in the country you are visiting then check that your curling iron can run using that voltage, or it you have a dual voltage curling iron (how you can check if you own dual voltage curling iron). You will only need to use the right power adapter (if the plug on your curling iron will not fit in the outlet).

If not then:

  • Purchase a dual voltage travel curling iron [1] - you may still need a suitable power adapter but these cheap lightweight accessories are designed specifically for travel. There are several different types of power adapter, select your destination from the list of travel destinations below to find out exactly which power adapter you need to bring.
  • Use a power converter (or voltage transformer) - you can then use your existing curling iron and other applicances with a curling iron, however this is substantially bulkier and more expensive than a dedicated travel curling iron. A power converter will change the voltage but won't change the shape of the plug on your curling iron to fit in the types of wall outlet used in that location, so check that the power converter has an appropriate power adapter for that country otherwise you will still need to bring another power adapter. Note that your existing curling iron might not be suitable for travelling and you could risk damage in a suitcase. [2] [AD]

How to curl hair with a curling iron

How to curl long straight hair with a curling iron

Achieving curly hair with a curling iron is easy and quicker for longer hair.

  1. Prepare your hair with a hair protectant spray or lotion.
  2. Ensure your hair is brushed to prevent any knots.
  3. Place your hair between the plate and curling iron.
  4. Wrap your hair around the curling iron by twisting the curler.
  5. Hold the curling iron in place for 5 seconds or less.
  6. Release the plate and gently let the hair drop.  [3] [4] [AD]

How to get kinky curls with straight hair

Kinky curls can be hard to achieve but with the right curling tool it can be simple. The best tool for straight hair is a dual voltage corkscrew curling iron. Additionally a kinky curling spray can help enhance the curls and maintain them for longer.  [5] [6] [AD]

Bringing your curling iron abroad

Will my curling iron work abroad?

This will depend on if your curling iron can handle the same voltage as the one used in power outlets in the country you are visiting. If you're using either a dual voltage curling iron or your curling iron is designed to handle the same voltage as the country you are visiting and you have the correct plug adapter then you should be able to use it in that country. If not then then you will need to consider bringing either a dual voltage travel curling iron [1] or a heavier and more expensive power converter.  [2] [AD]

Is it safe to bring my curling iron abroad?

It is preferable to bring a dual voltage curling iron instead of packing your existing domestic curling iron for a trip abroad as you ensure that it will work with any voltage abroad, as long as you use the correct plug adapter. If your domestic curling iron is valuable you may wish to leave it at home rather than risk damaging or losing it in transit, airline baggage handlers may not take good care of your suitcases. The cost and inconvenience involved in repairing an expensive quality domestic curling iron abroad could be more than purchasing a much cheaper dual voltage travel curling iron [1] before travelling to bring along with you.

If you intend to pack your own personal curling iron in your luggage you could try sliding it inside a sneaker or boot to protect from light damage and knocks. Alternatively, you can use a shockproof and heat resistant hot tools travel case which will also allow a hot curling iron to be transported right after use without waiting to cool down - ideal for last minute packing. [7] [AD]

How can I tell if I have a dual voltage curling iron?

One way to tell if your curling iron can support dual voltage is to check for either a sticker or numbers printed on the handle, base or plug. This location might depend on the make or model of your curling iron and could also be written in the instruction manual or on the box.

  • Single voltage could say a specific number - such as 110V.
  • Single voltage might also have a small voltage range with a dash to accomodate small voltage fluctuations - such as 100-120V.
  • Dual voltage will say a large range separated with a slash or dash - such as 100/240V.

Using your curling iron abroad

Choose from one of the list of countries below to discover how you can use a curling iron in that location:
Using the curling iron abroad

Using a curling iron in Africa

Using a curling iron in Asia

Using a curling iron in Europe

Using a curling iron in North America

Using a curling iron in Oceania

Using a curling iron in South America

  1. Amazon - dual voltage travel curling iron.
  2. Power converter - Heavy-duty power converters are designed to convert voltage levels between different electrical standards, shifting between 110V/120V and 220V/240V with both 50Hz and 60Hz, often incorporating safety features such as fuse protection and circuit breakers..
  3. Curling iron - Designed with travellers in mind, travel curling irons feature dual voltage and a long cord for convenience. The ceramic coating helps protect hair and create long-lasting curls..
  4. Heat protectant spray - Thermal protector spray used prior to styling with heated tools such as blow dryers and flat irons.
  5. Dual voltage corkscrew curling iron - Dual Voltage Ceramic corkscrew curling wand.
  6. Kinky curling spray - Refreshes curls refresher, moisturizes and eliminates frizz.
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