SIM cards for the iPhone 5C, using your iPhone 5C abroad and what you can connect to your iPhone.

iPhone 5CA guide for using the your iPhone 5C smartphone overseas, different SIM card options and how to connect to a growing collection of Bluetooth speakers. Nano, Micro and Mini SIM cards can all be used in the iPhone, this page highlights how to adapt each SIM card to use in the iPhone.Here is a list of 6 bluetooth devices that can be connected to the iPhone 5C.

Charging the iPhone 5C

Which charger should I use with the Apple iPhone 5C?

If you want to use the Apple iPhone 5C in the US then you only need a USB power adapter such as Type A USB charger. If you are travelling abroad this depends on which country you wish to charge your iPhone 5C, as different wall outlets are used in different regions. Please read our section on using the Apple iPhone 5C abroad to select which region you will be visiting for full instructions on the right power adapter for powering your iPhone 5C. [2] [AD]

Which type of power cable should I use for an iPhone 5C?

The iPhone 5C takes a USB to Apple Lightning cable to charge, this connects a USB power adapter to the Lightning connector located on the bottom of the phone. Apple will have supplied your iPhone 5C with a Lightning cable, if not you can buy a replacement or spare (for in your car, at work or travelling) from an online retailer by searching for a USB to Apple Lightning cable[3] [AD]

Can you use an iPhone 5C whilst charging?

The iPhone 5C can be used during the charging process. However the charging time may take longer than the normal 2 hours charge time if switched on.

Can I use an iPhone 5C power charger with another device?

Yes it is possible to power other cell phones as long as they can be charged using USB port.

Where is the charging port on an iPhone 5C?

You'll find the charger port located on the base of the iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5 SIM cards

Where is the SIM card on an iPhone 5C?

The SIM card slot is found on the righthand side of the phone opposite the mute switch and volume buttons. [4]

How can I change the SIM card in the iPhone 5C?

  1. Switch the power off on the iPhone 5C.
  2. Locate the SIM card slot found on the right side of the iPhone 5C opposite the mute switch and volume buttons.
  3. Insert a paperclip, pin or a SIM ejection tool supplied with the iPhone 5C into the small hole in the SIM card tray.
  4. Slide out the SIM card tray.
  5. Insert or swap the SIM card.
  6. Slide the SIM tray firmly back into the iPhone 5C.
  7. Switch on your iPhone 5C.

What type of SIM card does an iPhone 5C take?

The iPhone 5C uses a Nano SIM card, this is 12.3mm long x 8.8mm wide. [5]

Can you use a Nano SIM card in an iPhone 5C?

The iPhone 5C can take a Nano SIM card without needing an adapter.

Can you use a Micro SIM in the Apple iPhone 5C?

To use a Micro SIM card in your iPhone 5C that accepts a Nano SIM card you will need to use a Nano SIM card cutter. Because the 15mm x 12mm Micro SIM card needs to sit in a slot intended to accommodate a smaller 12.3mm x 8.8mm Nano SIM card this tool is designed to reduce the overall size of the card.

A SIM card cutter tool looks similar to a stapler and is designed to quickly and precisely convert an older Micro SIM card into a Nano SIM card by simply removing the surplus plastic from around the chip. With the low price of buying a cutter online this is the cheapest solution without needing to pay for a new SIM from your network provider.

It is advisable to buy a Nano SIM card cutting tool which includes free Micro and Mini SIM card adapters as this will enable you to switch between different cellphones which use different SIM card types. [6] [AD]

Will a standard Mini SIM card work in the Apple iPhone 5C?

You can use a Mini SIM card with the iPhone 5C by using a Nano SIM card cutter to adapt it into a Nano SIM card. As with the method for using a Micro card in an iPhone 5C you can use the same SIM cutting tool to remove excess plastic surrounding the chip.

This will cut the larger 25mm x 15mm Mini SIM card so that it slides in the area designed to house a smaller 12.3mm x 8.8mm Nano SIM card. [6] [AD]

Should you avoid using a template to cut a SIM card with scissors for the Apple iPhone 5C?

Avoid using scissors to cut a SIM card as it risks bending the edges or damaging the copper surface on the chip, instead use a SIM card cutter which is designed specifically for the task.

There is a danger that damaging the copper contacts between the SIM card and phone will result in reduced signal strength leading to dropped calls, unstable data and higher battery drain because of the phone repeatedly scanning for a new signal. This article on why you shouldn’t cut a SIM card with scissors from a T-Mobile employee has more in-depth information.

If you have inaccurately cut your SIM card with scissors and are now encountering problems with the iPhone 5C then you may need to contact your network provider to send a replacement card. Using a card which has been cut with scissors can potentially invalidate the warranty therefore Apple may reserve the right to repair your iPhone 5C caused by damages of using a poorly cut SIM.  [7] [8] [AD]

What can I connect to the iPhone 5C

Beats Pill speakers which can connect to the iPhone 5C

Jabra Bluetooth speakers which are compatible with the iPhone 5C

Using your iPhone 5C abroad

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